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If you choose to take an active role in your investment activities, Providentia can assist you. With our advisory services, you benefit from our expert support while maintaining control over your investment decisions.

At Providentia, we appreciate that each individual has different investment needs and hence provide you with a personalized service specifically tailored to your investment environment, risk threshold, circumstances and expectations of returns. We listen to you to fully grasp your investment objectives, and offer you a choice of different portfolios after performing extensive research and analysis. We use our specialist knowledge to ensure that you feel confident about all your investment decisions, and understand the rationale and risks involved at all times. Our role also extends to keeping our clients aware of new investment opportunities and trends.


Finding the time to manage and optimise investments in today’s markets can be challenging. If you would like to delegate the management of your assets to specialists so you can concentrate on other matters, Providentia is the right partner for you.

Providentia provides you with expert guidance and allocates you a dedicated portfolio manager who will plan out the suitable investment strategy for you, and manage your investments to meet your objectives. Our experienced investment specialists create customized portfolios across all traditional and alternative asset classes, and work with strategic partners in Mauritius and across the globe.


A comprehensive and well-thought wealth plan is crucial to taking care of your wealth in the long-run, and for current and future generations. Whether you find that your finances need a thorough review, or need guidance on a specific aspect of your wealth planning needs, Providentia can fully assist you.

PROVIDENTIA can help you achieve your goals at all stages of your life whether you are planning for your retirement and health care needs, the funding of your offspring’s education, leaving a legacy for the next generation or purchasing of your dream vacation home. Our wealth managers partners with your legal and tax advisors to provide you with the best advice on succession, tax, and financial planning matters. With an understanding of your individual needs and goals, Providentia will implement a personalized wealth management plan, then monitor and adjust it as necessary to help you achieve those goals.


Providentia family office services are tailor-made to reflect your family’s objectives, wishes, traditions and aspirations. Working with your existing advisers, we can act as the focal point for your family’s financial requirements and provide all the support and guidance needed to help protect, prosper and transfer assets. We in a way carry the role of your family’s “finance director”, co-ordinating the family’s financial needs and administering their assets.

In addition to informed advice on investment decisions covering all your family’s assets, we ensure that your affairs are structured efficiently from a tax perspective, while considering wider matters such as estate planning, pension planning amongst others. We also have considerable experience in working with families in the area of succession planning, an often complex issue which requires the most appropriate tax structure to facilitate an efficient transfer of assets between generations and most importantly great care and tact. A key component of Providentia family office services is to regularly review our strategy to take into account the changes in legislation, and a family’s objectives and circumstances.


Providentia is the right partner when a promoter will set up an investment fund. An investment fund is a vehicle set up to pool funds from investors, and invest in markets with the aim of diversifying risks and maximizing returns on investments.

As your fund manager, Providentia provide you with the adequate level of support while managing, monitoring and maximising the performance of the investment fund. Our team also has extensive experience in management CIS investment portfolios, both on a discretionary and advisory basis.

We also allocate a major component of our business exclusively to funds investing in Africa. By combining the strategic advantages that Mauritius offers to investors and our proven experience in the African, business environment, we assist our clients with setting up and management of suitable, tax-efficient and flexible investment funds.


Conscious of the needs of its clients to establish a trustworthy relationship with a dedicated financial adviser, PROVIDENTIA can also accompany its clients in other non-financial matters including real estate, the establishment of trusts, foundations and companies amongst others.

Providentia works with strategic partners in Mauritius, among which are the best corporate service providers, banks and legal firms, to provide the whole range of services to its clients starting from corporate, banking to legal services. Hence when our clients require additional services required, we connecting our clients to the suitable solution provider.


You have a project in mind? contact us and we will let you know how we can help you.