Providentia is a Mauritius-based independent Wealth/Asset Management and Fund Management Company.

Providentia is fully licenced by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius as an Investment Adviser (Unrestricted); a qualifying licence for the provision of unlimited investment services, and a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Manager  which is most commonly known as Fund Manager.

Positioned as a niche and exclusive company, Providentia owes much of its success to its hand-picked team of competent, experienced and dedicated portfolio managers.  Our investment  strategies and services are based  and  centred  upon  the  financial  objectives  and expectations of each investor.

Providentia is proud to be one of the few asset management companies in Mauritius having a fully independent board, operational process and day-to-day administration.

  • As an asset manager, Providentia provides daily portfolio monitoring , optimisation and investment strategies with a focus on performance and capital preservation within a discretionary mandate.
  • As a fund manager, Providentia provides adequate level of support while managing, monitoring and maximising the performance of the investment fund.

Providentia formulates quantitative investment strategies for the effective improvement of products and product portfolio development. Our duty towards our clients is to deliver an absolute investment performance within the return and risk range agreed upon with our investors, and maximise net-worth value in the long run. We focus on effectively securing and growing our clients’ wealth, and create specific portfolios to meet the needs of different risk profiles. Additionally, we regularly take charge of our client’s private banking and financial needs whenever required.

Beyond our traditional wealth and fund management activities, a major component of our business is dedicated exclusively to funds investing in Africa. By combining the position of Mauritius as an ideal and strategic platform for African investments and our extensive knowledge of the African business environment, we assist with the setting up and management of suitable investment funds that allow our clients to reap considerable advantages. Providentia provide professional support to both clients and partners in setting up and managing a fund. We take a holistic approach, using sector-specific expertise and detailed knowledge of fund management to ensure appropriate allocation of finance in accordance with objective criteria.

Positioned as a niche and exclusive company, Providentia owes much of its success to its hand-picked team of competent, experienced and dedicated wealth and fund managers. Our professionals have not only concrete track records but also one common goal; delivering tangible results.

Providentia consistently seek sustainable solutions, developing the necessary competences with its investors.

Providentia provide a clear, comprehensive and customize fund services with a proven track record.